The Patrol Division provides security for the public’s safety and well being. Patrol Officers are generally the first to respond to emergencies including medical and fire, and perform numerous functions such as conducting preliminary investigations, handling requests for service calls, response to activated alarms, investigating suspicious activity and insuring public safety and law compliance proactive motor vehicle enforcement. Patrol Officers also target specific problems or criminal trends within the township while maintaining daily interaction and rapport with citizens within the community.

The Patrol Division is divided into two shifts with a total of four squads, each consisting of a Sergeant, Corporal, six Patrol Officers and one or two Dispatchers. Scheduled shifts adequately provide twenty-four hour coverage 365 days a year by working a combination of rotating twelve and eight hour shifts.

All Patrol vehicles are equipped with Mobile Data Computers, Mobile Video Recorders, Radar units and various medical and emergency equipment. Several Patrol units are also equipped with an AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle.

The Dispatchers are also assigned to the Patrol Division, and serve as a direct link between citizens and Officers working on the road. They utilize a multi-colored console to document every call and access motor vehicle records, NCIC information , warrant verifications and 911 information. Our Dispatchers primary responsibility are to monitor and gather information from numerous sources including Police Officers, Fire and Rescue Units, Radio Broadcasts, Telephones, 911, Teletypes, and the General Public. Dispatchers prioritize this information and disseminate it through the proper channels.

For information regarding the Patrol Division, please contact Lt. Mark Besser at 908-369-4323 ext. 617 or via email at besserm@hillsboroughpolice.org