The Investigative Division is divided into the Detective and Juvenile Bureau.  Currently, the Detective Bureau is comprised of five (5) Detectives who’s primary functions are to investigate major crimes and other major incidents.  The Juvenile Bureau is staffed by one (1) Detective Corporal and one (1) School Resource Officer (SRO) and their primary investigations involve juvenile cases. The SRO has an office within the Hillsborough High School and periodically canvasses the Hillsborough Middle School. The SRO works directly with school personnel in order to maintain a safe educational environment.

The duties of the Investigative Division include criminal investigations, juvenile incidents and investigations as well as investigations for applications for firearm permits, liquor licenses and soliciting licenses.

Anyone wishing to provide information on criminal activity may do so by calling 908-369-4323.  Any Police Officer can take the information or you may ask to speak with a Detective.  We would like to have you leave a name and phone number to follow -up the information.  However, information can be taken confidentially or anonymously.

For questions regarding this Division or any additional information, please contact Lt. Darren Powell at (908) 369-4323 ext. 670 or via email at powelld@hillsboroughpolice.org